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GM Rogers: Brodie! (from June 2014)

By Ian Rogers Over the past two years Brodie McClymont has become the supreme figure on the Queensland tournament circuit. In that time the 22-year-old from Brisbane has won more than a dozen Queensland Grand Prix tournaments, frequently overcoming higher ranked current and former Olympians Solomon, Ly and Wohl...

GM Rogers: Painting the Town Browne

by Ian Rogers   Walter Shawn Browne (pictured), who died late last month at a tournament in Las Vegas aged 66, became famous as a six-time US Champion but was also the first Australian-born player to become an over-the-board Grandmaster.   Browne was born in Sydney but his US...

Gold Coast Open: Broken Record

A Report on the 2015 Gold Coast Open    by DOP Charles Zworestine   There is no doubt that many of you will think that this title is appropriate given the author of this report – doesn’t Charles always go on like a broken record? Very funny, dear reader…...

The Clock Man

By Graeme Gardiner Ken Goold has been fixing chess clocks on a voluntary basis for nearly 20 years. Initially this was for the Gold Coast Chess Club and latterly for Gardiner Chess. As a young kid, Ken had a fascination of everything to do with electronics, and learned from...

GM Rogers: Paranoia

  By Ian Rogers *Photo by Fiona Steil-Antoni* Fear of ‘cheating – exposed so often this year – has resulted in a particularly sad case at the recent European Women’s Championship in Chakvi, Georgia. Most recent cheating cases – from the Indian with a mobile phone attached to his leg...

GM Rogers: Iljumzhinov’s Olympic Games

by Ian Rogers   Since chess was accepted as a sport by the International Olympic Committee in 1999, the world chess body FIDE has dreamed of having chess included at the Olympic Games and FIDE’s controversial President Kirsan Iljumzhinov has refused to accept every hint by the IOC that...

GM Rogers: Chess versus ADHD

by Ian Rogers   Educators at various schools around Australia have long claimed that one of the best ways to deal with disruptive children is to send them to the chess club.   The theory goes that impetuous children, including children with attention deficit disorder (ADHD), gradually learn to...

The Man Behind the QJ Ratings: Dr. McKinnon

Ever since June 1993 Dr David McKinnon has been producing the Queensland Junior Ratings List for many thousand keen chess kids, on a voluntary basis. David spends about 20 hours or so every two months updating the list, which currently provides 2507 students with an indication of their playing...

GM Rogers: How Feller Became Jolly Good

How Feller Became Jolly Good by Ian Rogers Cheating has been in the spotlight this week, with the announcement by the world body FIDE that French Grandmaster Sebastian Feller (cover and left) would be allowed to play again. Feller was banned after he pulled off a sophisticated scam at...

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