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About Us

VISION (About us):

The Gardiner Chess vision is to bring chess into the classrooms of as many schools as possible, with the aim of establishing a thriving chess culture throughout Queensland.

This has been motivated by the extensive findings of world-wide research, revealing the huge benefits for children learning to play chess.


We believe in providing a positive impact on society. This is why Gardiner Chess actively strive to strengthen a child’s mental clarity, fortitude, stability and overall health through high quality chess coaching.

We believe that chess can be used as a metaphor for life – You have to be responsible for your actions, make a move, and plan ahead.

Our coaching methods and the way we run our business are based on the following pillars:

Determination: It is vital that we remain active and resourceful and never give up. We endeavour to teach the values of relentless determination.

Patience: An important virtue throughout life, which sets the foundations for success.

Discipline: A disciplined approach always comes with rewards. Applying ‘good practice’ principles provides an excellent foundation to build from.

Responsibility for our actions: Take pride in your own and fellow team mates’ achievements with all wins and understand how you can improve with your losses. Every move we make has a consequence and reaction and this can be expanded into life decisions.

Respect: Chess is a courteous game and the respect we give to our players is paramount both during a game and in society.

Fun: Children crave fun, so it’s essential that we maintain a high level of engagement and interest in everything we do to keep our customers absorbed and productive.

Imagination and Creativity: Chess provides a large canvas for investing and testing unique ideas, that’s why we believe in applying these thought processes in our business and introduce elements of clear thinking.

Logic and Reasoning: In life we are faced with many challenges that require fine judgement of stringing together a series of logical thoughts to come to a conclusion, which can be applied at all levels.

Strategic Thinking: In every aspect of life, we aim to see the bigger picture before making a critical decision.

The Gardiner Chess Team

Gardiner Chess is owned and operated by Justine Jule and Andrew Fitzpatrick. Justine has been with Gardiner Chess for over 11 years, managing the office, and the school coaching programs amongst various other activities. Whilst Justine is not a competitive chess player herself, Justine’s children all play chess, with WIM Alexandra Jule being an Australian representative at the 2016 World Chess Olympiad.

Andrew joined Gardiner Chess in 2010, having previously worked for Chess Kids in Victoria and Chess With Geoff in the ACT. Despite not playing competitively anymore, Andrew has played chess throughout Oceania and has coached chess since the age of 14. One of only 2 FIDE Instructors in Queensland, Andrew drives the coaching and curriculum development and is currently overseeing the roll-out of the program throughout Gardiner Chess’ client base. If you have attended an Inter-School chess tournament in the past 7 years, you will have seen Andrew making sure everything runs smoothly.

Matt Gilpin became full-time with Gardiner Chess in 2016, having worked in the business since before Justine joined! Matt has extensive coaching experience, along with degrees in law and teaching. Using this knowledge, Matt has now taken the role of Brisbane Head Coach and is currently in charge of mentoring coaches and driving standards across the board. Matt has been working closely with Andrew on the coaching development and is regularly coming up with fantastic resources for coaches to use.

FIDE Master Dusan Stojic is in charge of the highly-regarded Somerset College chess program and also coaches at a number of other lucky schools. Dusan provides regular blogs to our readers which contains valuable information. As Dusan is one of the strongest players in Queensland, he is a fantastic asset to the company and gives all students a positive role model and aspiration to reach their goals.

Martin Harmon and Shaun Curtis are also key players within Brisbane and Gold Coast respectively. Senior coaches, who are both highly regarded by their peers and students alike, Martin and Shaun help other coaches improve themselves, whilst also providing assistance with the ChessKid roll-out. Both are heavily involved in weekend and holiday programs. Students coming through the system always look forward to seeing them.