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The right way to learn chess

At Gardiner Chess we want students to learn chess the right way, and whilst each coach may have their own unique way of teaching a topic, you can be assured we are teaching the correct rules of the game.

Our goal is to make sure that learning chess is fun and engaging – students will learn life lessons along the way – without even realizing it.

Join us to see if chess is for your child, and they will learn many valuable skills whilst having fun!

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Benefits of Chess

Chess is widely held to hold many different benefits for students that learn the game. You can find a number of the different benefits listed below under the research section, however we have broken down the benefits into two main sections – educational and social.


Educational Benefits

When students learn to play chess they are learning many different things that will help with their success in the education system. From better focus and memory, through to various types of thinking such as logical, creative and sequential. Chess helps to promote an increase in patience, control and discipline and over the long term helps to fight against Alzheimer's.

Social Benefits

Chess helps many students to interact with others in a safe and nurturing environment. Social skills that can be learned through chess include learning to win and lose, whilst thinking about what you can improve, and how your opponent may feel if you celebrate too extravagantly. Chess help to develop camaraderie in team events where students must support each other to succeed, and helps to develop friendships with students from other schools and potentially states.

Why Chess?

Chess is one of the mostly widely available games or sports in the world. As International Chess Master and journalist Malcolm Pein says “There is no other activity that costs so little to organize and that cuts across so many barriers. Age, sex, race, religion … they mean nothing in chess. Anyone can enjoy it. Around 500 million people in 167 countries play the game and only football can rival that”.

We believe that there are many educational and social benefits that chess can bring to an individual, many of which are listed below. The main benefits come around honing analytical and thinking skills, whilst also improving concentration, memory and focus. On the social side of things, we see many friendships formed through chess, whilst students learn sportsmanship, team camaraderie and consequences for their actions (moves).

Research About Chess

There has been much research over the years about the benefits of chess with almost every study finding positive benefits. Some of the main benefits that have been found are:

  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced reading skills
  • Development of planning and foresight
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Logical, creative and sequential thinking
  • Promotion of creativity
  • Increases the IQ
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Exercises both hemispheres of the brain
  • Stimulation of brains growth
  • Increase in patience and control
  • Instills discipline in students
  • Create new friendships

We have also identified some interesting research articles.

Research Article

10 Things Chess Does to Your Brain

Chess is a powerful tool for the mind. This article looks at 10 different things impacts that chess can have on the human brain.
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Top 10 Benefits of Chess

A recent article on Chess.com (World leading chess website for online play, and owner of our partner website Chesskid.com) highlighting the top 10 benefits of playing chess.
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The USA Chess Federation Research List

A comprehensive list of 40 different research studies with the various links provided by the US Chess Federation.
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