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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a range of answers to some of our most common questions which cover various topics such as our lessons, payments, Chesskid.com and Inter-School events.

If we don’t have the answer you are looking for, make sure you get in touch and let us know – we would be happy to answer any questions that you might have to ensure you or your child has access to all the necessary information to be involved in chess!

Do my children need to take anything to their classes?

Not at all! Just send your child along and enjoy the classes! If the class is in the afternoon, a snack for them to eat between school and chess would be ideal.

How does my child get to the chess lesson at school?

Typically, children will make their own way to the classes. However, some schools do have teachers that collect younger students from their classes and walk them to the lessons as a group for an afternoon lesson. Just check with your child’s school or give us a call.

What age can my child start doing chess lessons?

A lot of schools allow students in grades prep to 6 attend the Chess classes. However, some schools ask for students to wait until they are in a higher grade before starting. Give us a call and we will let you know what your school allows.

How do I pay for my child’s chess lessons?

This is done online through our web site. To enrol your child into school chess lessons, click here.

My child was absent for a lesson. Do I get a refund?

We do not refund for occasional absences. Our term fees are based on 8 lessons per term. If the scheduled number of lessons we can give in a term falls below 8 then we do reduce our term fee.

Are there any family discounts for multiple enrolments?

We do have a sibling discount that only applies to families with 3 (three) siblings or more. Contact us here for more info!

What happens at the end of an afternoon lesson?

We ask that parents collect their children promptly at the end of the lesson from the chess room or designated pick up area. If you are unable to collect at this time, please organise for your child to go to OHSC or make other arrangements for their collection.

What happens at the end of a morning lesson?

Children make their own way to class once the lesson has finished.

How do I get my child’s chesskid.com membership details?

You should receive an email from us with your child’s login details (username and password)  to www.chesskid.com. If you do not, please contact us and we will be happy to assist. Please note this applies to parent paid classes only.

My child has special needs – are they still able to join the chess classes?

Yes, all children are more than welcome to join our chess classes. Our coaches go through extensive training and are well equipped to help those that have special needs. Just let us know some details about your child so our coaches are aware and can prepare.

Do you have programs during school holidays?

Yes! We have chess holiday programs that run between each of the school terms. For more information, check out our Holiday Programs page.

Do you run any online classes?

Yes! Check out our online classes page for all the information here. XXXX NEEDS LINK

Can my child join another school’s chess classes?

No. Our school-based classes are just for the children who attend that school.

Does my child need to know how to play chess before attending the classes?

Not at all! We have a lot of students who are total beginners join our classes.

Do you have a chess shop?

Yes! Check it out here. We sell lots of chess products from sets, to clocks to books & giant chess and checkers sets.

Where can I find the latest Queensland Junior Chess ratings list?

The Queensland Junior Chess ratings list is updated every 2 months and we post the updates here. XXXX LINK NEEDED

Can my child attend an inter-school tournament even if their school does not send children?

Yes! Students can participate as an individual at inter-school tournaments, even if their school has elected not to participate.

Do students need to wear their school uniforms when they participate in inter-school tournaments?

Yes. All students must wear their school uniforms when attending an inter-school tournament.

Will there be a canteen at inter-school tournaments?

This depends on the hosting school. Most do run a canteen on the day but not always. It is recommended children bring their own lunch, water bottle and a hat to the inter-school tournaments.

Can my child play outside of their school’s zone?

No. The school zones are designed to maintain fair competition within each region and allow all students an equal chance to qualify for future tournaments.

Can primary school students participate in high school tournaments?

No. If students are in primary school then they cannot play in the high school competition and vice versa.

Do I have to stay to supervise my child at an inter-school competition?

Yes. If your child is coming as an individual and not part of a school group then they need to have someone supervising them during the whole day. Students cannot be dropped off and left on their own during the day.

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