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A chess program to suit you!

We believe that a chess program needs to suit the requirements of the school and its students. Our programs can be designed to meet your schools needs and ensure that your chess goals are met.

Research About Chess

Over the years there have been many different research articles about chess and the benefits that it can bring to those who are exposed to the game. The general consensus is that those that learn and play chess gain many different benefits, although the very latest research hints that it may be more the thinking behind chess that provides the biggest benefits, rather than various direct benefits.

Chess research goes back nearly 50 years and has taken place in countries across the globe. Instead of listing every single study, we aim to provide some links to the different research via the links on the right.

The first link provides a great overview into the benefits which are widely agreed upon through the chess research literature. The second, provides a slightly different perspective, where the author argues that the ‘statistically relevant threshold’ is not reached (although there is an increase in testing scores), and the third article is purely a link to the US Chess Federation bibliography page where you can find details on 40 different studies!

Research Article

10 Things Chess Does to Your Brain

The Science Times website has put together a list of 10 different things chess does to the brain (listed to the left). There a links under many of the different points with specific studies.
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Research Article

Recent Queensland Study

Graeme Gardiner conducted a research on a private school in SEQ to identify the benefits of chess, and found benefits, but not at a statistically significant level.
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Research Article

USA Chess Federation research list

40 different research studies with the various links provided by the US Chess Federation.
Read More

Program Options

We believe in flexibility to suit every schools different needs and that is why we have various program options available. If you don’t see what suits you in the information below, let us know and we can tailor a program to suit your schools!

Curriculum Lessons
Curriculum Lessons
Wanting to expose as many students to chess as possible? Why not add chess to your curriculum and give your teachers time to catch up on other things at the same time!
  • Half or full day options available
  • Length of each class fits within school schedule
  • Exposes more students to the game
  • Very cost effective option
  • Experienced coach
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Limited spaces available
Out Of Hours
Out Of Hours
This is the option that many schools go for and is similiar to many other activities. Before and after school lessons are a great way for a school to provide an opportunity to any interested students.
  • Option for either school pays or parent pays
  • Limited to 20 students per coach (parents pay)
  • Option to increase coach to student ratio when school pays and provides extra supervision
  • Extra-curricular options are highly valued by parents
  • Great way to identify keen and improving students
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Limited spaces available
For schools looking to expose a large number of students in a day to chess. Perfect for schools who may also be semi-rural or in regional areas.
  • Full and half day rates available
  • Perfect for exposing many students in a day
  • Experience coaches can handle large groups to teach basics to all
  • Great way to build interest in a potential program
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Limited spaces available

Why Chess?

  • Improved Memory
  • Enhanced reading skills
  • Development of planning and foresight
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Logical, creative and sequential thinking
  • Promotion of creativity
  • Increases the IQ
  • Helps prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Exercises both hemispheres of the brain
  • Stimulation of brains growth
  • Increase in patience and control
  • Instills discipline in students
  • Create new friendships

Coaching Staff

Our coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds, however the majority of our students are university students who played chess during their school years and want a position that fits around their university timetable. Regardless of who our coaches are, they undergo comprehensive training before being allowed to take their first class. Training includes:

  • Full induction by a senior staff member to ensure coaches are aware of all the expectations of being a chess coach and what the position entails.
  • Observing senior coaches ensures out new coaches know how to run a lesson properly.
  • Upon reaching a certain level of proficiency, new coaches are given a class at a school where there is a senior coach for support and mentoring.
  • Regular professional development days are held through the year to ensure continued high standards by all staff.

Training & Ongoing Support

We highly value our coaches as they are the face of Gardiner Chess. We ensure ongoing support and regular training is available so they can be the best they can be. Senior staff regularly check in classes to make sure our coaches and students are happy and learning to their full potential. Coaches have easy access to senior coaches for feedback and assistance, making them feel supported in their role.

Gardiner Chess staff have a fantastic curriculum to use, which is constantly being updated with new materials.

Regional Classes

Regardless of where your school is located, chess classes are still available to your students! We are the market leader in providing online lessons, with over two years of experience in this area! Classes are generally designed to run for 30 minutes, with a focus on theory, with students able to practice externally.

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