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School Coaching

The Gardiner Chess Vision

One of the main aims of Gardiner Chess is to foster a love of chess in children and in so doing help them reap the benefits educationally and psychologically in an increasingly complex world.

Why chess? . . . More to the point, why not chess?

Well-documented research shows that chess can:

Raise IQ scores; strengthen problem-solving skills; enhance memory and concentration; improve reading and mathematical skills; foster critical, creative and original thinking; teach logical and sequential thinking; and demonstrate the importance of decision-making and consequences.

We can help design a school chess program

Chess within the curriculum – one or more coaches will work with the school to teach students of a pre-arranged grade, going from class to class, preferably over the whole school year. This will involve a mixture of coaching on a specific topic and then playing a game. The school pays for this service.

Co-curricular chess – coaches will teach students in small groups 1 to 4, following the model of teaching music, drama etc. These are usually half-hour sessions of intensive coaching with short games. Parents pay for this service.

Out of hours chess – coaches can teach before or after school hours in one hour sessions. These sessions will usually involve a warm-up game to start and then a lesson, followed by a tournament game. Payment can be through the school or directly from the parents.

Our chess coaches

Gardiner Chess is well aware of the importance of providing schools with professional, well-trained and resourced chess coaches. To this end, significant time and effort is set aside to upgrade lesson plans and other training materials to augment regular mentoring. We instruct all our coaches in behaviour management and conduct in-depth orientation programs for new staff, with the aim of continuing to improve our service to our clients.

All Gardiner Chess staff, by law, are required to hold Blue Cards issued by the Commission for Children and Young People. Also, Gardiner Chess holds full Public Liability Insurance and Workers Compensation Insurance.

Costing structure

The cost structure will vary according to the type of program chosen and the overall design and number of hours. Gardiner Chess can either receive payments directly from parents (less work for the school), or invoice schools (less expensive for parents). Both ways provide great value for money and the students will be the ones benefiting!

When chess is part of the curriculum the costing will depend on the number of hours this entails and the location of the class (rural for example may incur a transport surcharge).

Co-curricular prices will vary from school to school, charges to be kept in line with other school activities.

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