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ChessKids Games Representative Chosen

ChessKids Games Representative Chosen


In 2019, the ChessKid Games are being brought to us by for the very first time. It will see students aged under 10 paired with top level players in the US to compete for prizes – all whilst having some fun!

As the official partner of ChessKid in Australia, Gardiner Chess has been lucky enough to select a participant for this year’s contest.

To select a participant, Gardiner Chess decided to go for someone who was highly active on ChessKid as the competition will involve playing online as well as solving puzzles. For us, there was one standout student, who during the month of April played 512 fast chess games winning over 80%! Whilst he didn’t complete as many puzzles as some others, the sheer volume of games played means he outweighed everyone comfortably for total stars (all time stars 36529).

The 2019 ChessKid Games, Gardiner Chess/Australia representative is Noah Rose from the Gold Coast!

(photo by Chesslife)

Noah is just 8 years old and has been involved in Gardiner Chess coaching programs since the age of 5. Beginning chess at the booming Emmanuel College program, Noah is currently the highest rated player in Queensland for his age. He has progressed to playing in regular Open weekend events and receiving regular private chess coaching with Shaun Curtis who had this to say about him: “Noah is a very talented young chess player who displays great passion for the game. Noah is always keen for any chance to learn and compete with friends. This along with his bubbly personality makes him a pleasure to teach”. Noah is fortunate to have such supportive parents who provide him opportunities to play in many chess tournaments and receive the appropriate coaching on his journey as a chess player.

We asked Noah a few brief questions – here is what he had to say:

How did you become interested in chess?
My brother wanted to play chess because all his friends were going to chess, so my brother taught me how the pieces move at age 3.
What do you like about
It’s really encouraging for kids that just started to play and the videos are funny. I also like playing puzzle duel.

Do you have any chess related goals?

I would love to be a Grand Master or World Champion. I also want to become the Blitz World Champion.

The biggest challenge facing Noah in this event will be the time difference with the program beginning at 1.00am local time on Sunday June 2. We hope that Noah gets some good sleep on the Saturday and has the time of his life representing Australia in this fantastic event! On behalf of Gardiner Chess we would like to wish Noah the best of luck for the first ever ChessKid Games!

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