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Tournament Details

Wide Bay South Term 2

  • Date : 25 May 2015 - 25 May 2015
  • Venue : Tinana State School
  • Cost : $ 18 Per Seat

Tournament Details

Gardiner Chess is pleased to present the Wide Bay South Inter-School Tournament for term 2.

Registration on the day begins at 8.45am with the tournament itself starting at around 9.30am. We aim to have the tournament and presentations finished by 2.15pm, however please allow until 2.30pm to be on the safe side.

This event will have a primary and secondary division subject to entries.

Prizes awarded will be merit ribbons for 4.5/7 (or 5/8), Individual 1st-3rd and Team 1st – 3rd.

Gardiner Chess will invoice schools for the cost of entries after the event.

Tinana SS will have a canteen operating on the day!!

Monday 25th May Chess Tournament


Please fill out the form bellow and return to the canteen in the hall, Monday 25th May. All Sandwiches, Salad Boxes and Hot Food are to be ordered on this form and will not available for over the counter sales. THANK YOU for supporting Tinana State School Tuckshop!



Item                                                                                                 Price





Sandwiches Hot Food
Salad Only (V)                                                                      $3.00 Large Meat Pie (97% Fat Free)                                 $3.20
Chicken Only                                                                             $3.00 Mini Meat Pie (97% Fat Free)                                   $1.10
Chicken & Salad                                                                        $3.50 Sausage Roll                                                            $2.70
Ham Only                                                                                   $2.80 Chicken & Gravy Roll                                              $4.00
Ham & Salad                                                                               $3.50 Ham and Pineapple Pizza                                        $2.50
Ham, Cheese, Tomato                                                              $3.00 Tomato Sauce Sachet                                               $0.30
Ham & Cheese                                                                            $2.70
Egg & Lettuce                                                                             $2.50 Drinks
Cheese                                                                                          $1.60 Water                                                                     $1.20
Vegemite or Jam                                                                        $1.00 Milk                                                                        $1.20
Flavoured Mil    (Chocolate, Strawberry)                 $1.90
Salad Box Quench                                                                       $1.80(Lemonade, Apple Raspberry, Lemon Lime)
Ham & Salad BOX                                                                        $3.80Lettuce, Carrot, Tomato, Cucumber & Beetroot Juice Popper                                                             $1.20
Chicken & Salad BOX                                                                   $3.80Lettuce, Carrot, Tomato, Cucumber & Beetroot

Extras sold over the counter

Pikelets (2) with Jam or Butter                        $1.00Popcorn                                                                 $0.30

Muffin – Choc Chip                                             $1.50

Gingerbread Student                                          $2.00

 Chips                                                                                       $1.20Jelly, Fruit & Custard Cup                                                  $1.00

Fruit of the Day                                                                     $0.80

Fresh Fruit Salad                                        Small                 $1.50

Large                 $2.50