DGT1002 Chess Clock

DGT1002 Chess Clock:


DGT1002 Chess Clock


The DGT1002 is the latest chess clock in the DGT stable. This clock also has the smallest footprint of any clock we stock at 15.5cm (L), 6.0cm (W) and 4.5cm (H)

The DGt1002 allows you to set the clock in the following increments:

Up to 1 minute – by the second

From 1 minute to 10 minute – by 30 second increments

From 10 minutes to 30 minutes – 1 minute increments

30 minutes to 2 hours – 5 minute increments

2 hours and above – 30 minute increments

Additionally, the clock allows you to add a ‘bonus time’ – commonly known as a ‘Fischer’ time control.

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