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Holiday Programs

Holiday programs are a fantastic activity for students to be involved in during the holidays. Although every holiday program will vary with regards to start and finish times and the exact make-up of the program, there are some key components that are common.

This upcoming program at Lindisfarne Anglican Grammar, will be run on Tuesday 27th September from 9.00am through to 3.00pm in ┬áthe Mahers Lane Campus library. Payments and registration will be made via Lindisfarne – please contact Mrs. Wines for details.

  • Students will learn more about the game!

Regardless of a students chess level coming into a holiday program, they will definitely learn more about the game during their time in the program.

  • Students will play in tournaments games!

One of the best ways to improve is to play! As such, we aim to run a tournament every day of the program to ensure students have the chance to put into practice what they have been learning.

  • Students will have a chance to get fresh air!

Students by nature like to have the chance to get outside….we make sure they have that opportunity to get out and about to burn off some of that energy.

  • Students will have FUN!

Our coaches aim to make the whole day as much fun as possible! Whilst we cater to all abilities, we will do whatever we can to ensure everyone is having fun and learning throughout the day!