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Event Policies and Procedures

This page is designed to give an overview of the policies and procedures regarding various aspects of different events that Gardiner Chess runs.

Supervision of Junior Players:

Whilst Gardiner Chess voluntarily provides “play areas” for the use of younger chess players at various venues, these areas are not provided for purposes of “child care” and their use is subject to the oversight of the parents or guardians of these younger chess-players.

It is not the role of Arbiters to “police” areas outside of the playing venue – their role is to ensure that chess games are played in accordance with the rules and ensuring order in the playing venue. Supervision of children outside of the playing hall is solely the responsibility of the parent or caregiver, not the Arbiter or Organiser of the tournament.


Players in long time control events requiring to record moves will be given 1 pen at the start of the tournament. Replacement pens will be $1 each. Pens that are not working will be replaced at no cost.