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Chess is one of the mostly widely available games or sports in the world. As International Chess Master and journalist Malcolm Pein says “There is no other activity that costs so little to organise and that cuts across so many barriers. Age, sex, race, religion … they mean nothing in chess. Anyone can enjoy it. Around 500 million people in 167 countries play the game and only football can rival that”.

Even from the above quote, we can see one of the biggest benefits of chess….It’s accessible! Aside from being highly accessible (and cheap!), the benefits of chess can broadly be broken down into two categories; educational and social.


  • Improved reading and comprehension scores
  • Improved IQ scores
  • Improved problem solving ability
  • Improvement in concentration and focus
  • Improvement in memory
  • Improvement in creativity
  • Improvement in critical thinking
  • Improvement in logical and sequential thinking
  • Improvement in analysis of situations
  • Improved decision making abilities


  • Learn about consequences with our action (moves)
  • Learn to win and lose with good sportsmanship
  • Improved social interaction skills in a safe environment
  • Develop many new friendships
  • Develop team spirit and camaraderie when at tournaments


Students with learning difficulties and in particular Asperger’s and Autistic students are often drawn to chess due to their being defined rules. As Michael Coman from Fernvale State School says; “We have found instances where children with learning difficulties have succeeded over the chess board, and, this in turn, has helped them to achieve in the regular literacy and numeracy activities of their classroom.”

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